Máy móc phụ tùng của tube ice machine là hàng “ok”

By | October 18, 2016

Currently, Viet An General Trading Join stock Company is an chief company in Vietnam, with specializing in manufacturing with selling water filtration system, tube ice machine equipment acquire with high quality and good performance. All of these products Having been received positive feedback from users. Customers, who Having old our product are Yamaha, Diana Corporation and lots other large-scale companies.

If you wonder why need to buy water filtration system – ice cube maker , while drinking water with ice source still remains good at employ ? then you should pay attention, because of water that you operate for trade activities or for daily operate it can not be Once clean Once you imagine – because with one air pollution, rubbish pollution in current years are constantly rising – due to one use of private vehicles When well discharging from industrial factory is  increasing. Over time these toxins will leach into groundwater supplies, which you use everyday.

This is justification why you should look to one company that sells high-quality water filtration system – ice tube maker , Viet An joint stock company are one about them.

An advantages of water treatment system machine – tube ice maker from Viet An general trading joint stock company :

  1. It may handle every water that other popular water purification machines on the market which can ’t be good with .
  2. Depend on good design with quality of machine sell, which is made about stainless steel materials, plus other special parts inside bitterly constant , so Viet An products runs fine in every cases (thereby helping to reduce maintenance cost and repairing fee).
  3. Provided you’re worried approximately an criteria similarly time about changing filtering core, machine size, aesthetics, and logistics services. Please do not worry, because Viet An Company always ensure our water filters – tube ice maker will meet all above criteria.
  4. All product line of Viet An Company water filters are easy to employ , because there is a few of panel switch, and every these switches is designed and one footnotes below.
  5. As it’s in operation, these water filtration system – tube ice machine does not emit loud noise.
  6. Equipment can be combined and filling machine to  form into the complete lines about selling bottled water.
  7. Viet An Company Water Softener – ice making machine can utilize well and time up to approximate 7 years.



If these advantages above that don’t Have yet to construct customers satisfied and our modern products, afterward every of these machines Have been certified by National Sanitary Foundation (NSF). This is an non-governmental association , chiefly prestigious association of WHO (beside water quality organization with Underwriters Laboratories). The product line of water filters with NSF certificate will be 99,99% own:

  • Filtering characteristics are absolutely same with what Viet An joint stock company has promised at soon .
  • Filter cores Having good quality and sustainable structure (not degrading over time).
  • Filter core absolutely not added any toxic substances.
  • Viet An general trading joint stock company label in water processing are exclusive, not parody any variety of water purifier brands which are famous in the world.

Quality of Viet An water treatment system – tube ice machine always direct to consumer health

Details of processing stages from purified water, which using reverse osmosis technology:

  • first filtering level: and synthetic polypropylene fiber has chink, which is just 1 micro, it will help to filter impurities.
  • Finally filtering level: Active carbon filter core (and an leading constituent is from natural materials similar wood and coconut shell) that Have features to omit color, odor and other harmful substances.
  • Third filtering level: Applying Reverse osmosis membranes in order to separate water and heavy metal ions, bacteria, Once well As other substances, which negatively affect to the health of users. These substances with bacteria will been discharged out by exhaust pipe of water filtration system .
  • Fourth filtering level: with filter core made from synthetic materials which Having duty to construct water be capable to own better taste equivalent casual cooling, and raising mineral supplements.

Some of policies, our company will gives to customers in case of buying Viet An products: Get 10% reduction card for later 15 customers who order goods in November, free shipping service about ice cube maker equipment with assign skilled technicians to your location to support using machine well, an average warranty period for every water filter products – tube ice machine is 18 months, anyway of that there are still more attractive very important promotion policies.

In definite information approximately Viet An general trading joint stock company water filtration system, tube ice machine – you may visit website: locnuocvietan.Vn, daychuyensanxuatnuoctinhkhiet.Info, etc. Or visit address at: 615 Nguyen Hoang Ton – Hanoi, 40 Nguyen Anh Thu – Ho Chi Minh, … As well As calling for us through hotline number: 088 81 81 41.

Viet An Company is thus celebrate to serve you!